Where no one is innocent !!!!

Cityofsinz is a free web based multiplayer Online Game based on the real mafia life.

Al Capone eyed the empty desert in the mid-1930s, but never forged ahead with his plans of turning it into a hotel and gambling haven.

Las Vegas remained mob free until Lucky Lucianos partner and confidant, Meyer Lansky. He decided to capitalize on the cash cow that Sin City (aka CityOfSinz) could become. Before that, Las Vegas was nothing more that a decrepit desert town inhabited by cowboys and a few lot rate slot machines.

Vegas was essentially built with the mafia money. Lansky, not wanting to be the one blamed if the Vegas plan didnt pan out, enlisted Bugsy Siegel. Siegels job was to drum up cash and enthusiasm among mafia over the neon city. Of course, Vegas boomed and Lansky took all the credit while Siegel got five bullets to the head for skimming on casino funds. offers Prizes each round. Enjoy the game!



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